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At MH Pneumatics our services go far beyond simply installing air compressors. MHP has built an industry-leading reputation for providing total pneumatic solutions.

At MH Pneumatics, we know our customers want a partner that they can really count on. We only make promises we can keep, and work hard to always exceed those expectations to become trusted advisors.

Three key words sum up the MHP approach:

Forward-thinking, reliable, and professional.

Ben Hoy, Operations Manager, MH Pneumatics

About us

At MHP we aim to help every customer better understand the unique benefits and pitfalls surrounding compressed air usage. Working alongside state-of-the-art technology means we can help improve reliability, reduce energy bills and speed-up production.

We are official distributors for market leading manufacturers BOGE and FESTO, and offer total compressed air solutions for all organisations that rely on compressed air and pneumatic systems.

At the heart of MH Pneumatics service is our expertise. Founded by pneumatic engineers and now part of the Endotec Engineering Group, clients rely on the advice, service levels and engineering knowledge our skilled team provide.

From the design of bespoke systems through to the supply of consumables and spares exactly when you need them.

What we do

MHP was set-up by skilled engineers, the company benefits from being part of the Endotec Engineering Group whose businesses service the power generation and heavy industry on the Humber Bank and right across the UK.

MH Pneumatics has built an industry leading reputation for providing total pneumatic services including:

  • Tailored engineered solutions
  • Preventative maintenance and support
  • Independent, expert advice
  • Industry leading products
  • Energy efficiency advice
  • Complete installation service
  • Breakdown call-out
  • Spares and consumables
  • Compressed air purity testing

How we do it?

With almost 35 years’ industry experience, MHP is at the forefront of compressed air and pneumatic system technology.

We genuinely care about each and every customers’ needs and pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to ensure all projects are delivered to the highest possible standards.

Helping you work smarter

End to end solutions

At MHP we provide an end to end solution from the design of bespoke pneumatic systems through to the supply, installation, repair and maintenance of all equipment and parts, with minimal downtime and disruption to your business.

Save downtime

Downtime caused by breakdowns can have a huge impact on both cost and efficiency. Many process or manufacturing businesses run 24 hours a day so the impact is even greater.

Within any system, there will also be variances in components and parts regarding when they will require servicing and their warranty periods. MHP’s Automated Service Management Software (ASMS) helps streamline this problem by reviewing your systems and managing the service and warranty records of each of the key components.

If you do not have a maintenance programme in place, and experience a breakdown, we provide a 24-hour emergency cover service.

Cleaner air

Compressed air is used in industries and processes where the presence of impurities cannot be tolerated.

Water, solid particles and oil found in compressed air systems can dramatically reduce effectiveness. At MHP our highly trained engineers are approved to carry out air quality testing to keep your compressed air system running to its optimum capability.

The MHP Audit

Compressed air systems can become inefficient costing both time and money. Often these inefficiencies go unnoticed until a failure of breakdown occurs. Regular monitoring of your systems will help to ensure they are operating correctly and efficiently.

MHP can provide an efficiency audit on your compressed air system, pinpoint any problem areas and give you practical solutions on how it can be improved.

There may be many reasons why your system may not be running at optimum efficiency including:

  • Loss of energy through conversion to heat
  • Not matching your compressor speed with air demand

We are also able to provide energy saving products including:

  • Heat Exchangers that give you the opportunity to recover up to 80% of your energy lost through heat dissipation
  • Variable speed compressors which provide precise matching of compressor speed with air demand
  • Aluminium Piping Systems which can reduce the amount of air leakage caused by corroded pipework.

Contact us

To discuss how we can carry out an efficiency audit on your compressed air system or to discuss any of our energy saving products, call 01469 577 678